Scenario Dimensions

Dimensions of Change Considered

Using stakeholder-based processes spaning several years, we have identified five dimensions or drivers of change that are of concern to policymakers in this area:

  1. Human Population Change (demographic & socioeconomic)
  2. Climate Change (including sea level rise, temperature and precipitation)
  3. Land Use Policies (current system, and various proposed alternatives)
  4. Water Use Policies & Infrastructure (current system and various alternatives)
  5. Conservation Policies & Resources (what kind of conservation, where and how much)

Each of these dimensions has a corresponding set of "states" that represent estimates about future conditions.  Some of these are model-based, such as the state's demographic forecasts or downscaled global circulation models.  Other states represent policy choices, such as how and where to regulate particular land uses, or which water infrastructure to purchase and how to manage it.